Anti-Freeze Systems and You

Anti-Freeze Systems

Anti-Freeze systems, or wet pipe sprinkler systems that employ a liquid solution to prevent freezing of the system, used to be a common solution to protect small areas subject to freezing in cold weather. Several fire deaths, however, brought to light issues regarding the use of certain types of anti-freeze in anti-freeze systems. It was determined that high concentrations of anti-freeze solution in piping networks could be flammable under the right conditions. Subsequently, the National Fire Protection Association moved to put restrictions on the use of these anti-freeze solutions in sprinkler systems. At the end of 2022, NFPA 25 will no longer allow the use of standard propylene glycol and glycerin solutions in existing systems. Instead, owners of anti-freeze sprinkler systems must use UL certified anti-freeze solutions to fill their systems.

The care of your anti-freeze sprinkler system is vital to its effectiveness when combating a fire. For more information regarding this new legislation, contact us here at Modern Sprinkler.