About Us

 About Us

ABCO Automatic Sprinkler Corporation was established in 1958 by William G. Bowe and his father in law, Anthony Robilotta, after Bill worked in the small, but growing New York sprinkler industry as a sprinkler fitter. ABCO was awarded its first contract on August 15th of that year, a fitting 30th birthday present for Bill, who would continue to grow the company in the coming years from ABCO’s first office in Flushing, New York. In 1961, ABCO moved its operations to Port Washington, New York, where it continued to thrive and in 1972, acquired both the Peerless Automatic Sprinkler Company and Modern Sprinkler Corporation, which is still in operation today. After this acquisition, ABCO Automatic changed its name to ABCO Peerless Sprinkler Corporation, where it operated in Garden City, New York until early 2001. During this time, the ABCO family umbrella grew with the addition of ABCO Peerless Fire Suppression, which was dedicated to serving the special hazard fire protection market, and ABCO Peerless Engineering, P.C., which provided professional design services for the ABCO Peerless operation. In 2001, ABCO Peerless moved its corporate headquarters to its current home in Hicksville, New York. As the needs of the now large fire protection market changed throughout the early 2000s, ABCO also added New York Fabrication & Supply to its family, enabling ABCO to produce pre-fabricated material for use on its projects. Now, on the dawn of ABCO Peerless’ 60th anniversary, we are the definition of a full service Fire Protection company.

Restaurants, bowling alleys, social clubs and nursing homes were among ABCO Automatic’s first customers in the early 1960s. In the 1970s, ABCO protected hospitals, country clubs and warehouses. The 1980s brought high rise corporate offices, power generation facilities and retail stores into our portfolio. The technology boom of the 1990s and 2000s saw the rise of data centers, telecommunication facilities and high-tech storage facilities into areas we protected. Today, with over a million and a half sprinklers installed, we protect the entire New York Metropolitan area.

Modern Sprinkler Corporation, our inspection, testing and maintenance company of water based fire protection systems operating since 1932, and ABCO Peerless Fire Suppression Corporation, our special hazards construction and maintenance company founded in 1998, join ABCO Peerless Fire Alarm Corporation, a newly formed fire alarm inspection and testing company, to create ABCO Peerless Fire & Life Safety .With hundreds of combined years of expertise, we strive to create a single source provider for all of your fire protection and fire alarm needs, whether they be engineering, fabrication, construction, inspection, testing, maintenance or emergency service.

Our four full time professional engineers, many NICET certified designers, and seasoned construction personnel can tackle any challenge we are presented with. Our involvement with local and national building/fire code development gives us the highest level of expertise when it comes to code consultation and implementation, AHJ compliance, insurance carrier reporting and much more. To learn more about our current and new service offerings or to schedule an inspection, please contact us.

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