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Neptune Cable

Year: 2005

Project Type: Industrial

The Neptune Regional Transmission System, or Neptune Cable as it is known, was constructed to provide power from New Jersey based power plants to the Long Island power grid. Using state of the art technology, power generated in its Sayreville, New Jersey plant is converted from alternating current (AC) power to direct current (DC) power and transmitted through a 500 kW underwater cable. When the power arrives in Hicksville, New York plant, it is converted back to AC power and applied to the Long Island power grid. High voltage direct current technology used in these two plants has been used in a multitude of power projects around the world and is considered to be the most efficient method of transmitting bulk power long distances.  ABCO Peerless installed fire protection systems in both the Sayreville, NJ plant and the Hicksville, NY plant as well as provided design services for both plants.