The purpose of a deluge system is to wet down all at once an entire area in which a fire may originate, by admitting water to open sprinklers and nozzles, rather than by using automatic sprinklers that would open independently as the fire spreads. These systems are designed primarily for special hazards where it is desirable to apply water to a fire more quickly and simultaneously over a larger area than with standard systems where sprinklers open individually.

Illustration courtesy of Viking Corporation


ABCO Family of Companies

ABCO Peerless
Sprinkler Corporation
Design and installation of fire suppression piping systems.
Modern Sprinkler Corporation
Inspection, testing and maintenance of water-based fire suppression systems. Established in 1932.
ABCO Peerless
Fire Suppression Corporation
Inspection, testing and maintenance of gaseous-based fire suppression systems.
ABCO Peerless
Engineering, P.C.
Engineering design services for all ABCO Peerless companies.

Did You Know?

In the majority of fires, only one or two sprinkler heads activate to control and confine the fire.
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